As Documentary or Editorial as you desire

I believe there is a very delicate balance between leading a wedding, and allowing things to unfold naturally.

I make it a point to document your day candidly, as it unfolds, with little interruption. But I'm both comfortable & willing to step up and give all the direction when you need me to.

I'm here to lend my expertise but never at the cost of your memories. You won't hear me say "can you do that again?" after your first look. But you will see me doing the most to get your best angles. & at any point if you give me the "help" glance I'm there. To give you direction, to offer a second opinion, to fix your smudged eyeliner, to grab you a shot. My first priority is creating beautiful images of your wedding day. But you enjoying your wedding day is equally important. 


My Wedding Guide
8 Hours
Custom Timeline building



3 Hours
Up to 20 people


For Lovers

60 min, 100+ Edited Photos
1 location

+200 Film
+150 Drone



1 hr, 100+ Edited photos
1 location
(maternity, family, ect.)



1hr, 100+ Edited Photos


Just on Film

A Film only photo session. Both 35mm, and 120mm.

1-2hrs (as needed)
100+ Images



Just Drone photos

25+ images

For art, For fun, For the view



I understand most people don't feel comfortable in front of a camera. I do my absolute best to make you feel comfortable while still capturing you flatteringly. Prior to shooting we'll go over your vision for your photos as well as your comfortability with posing to ensure we're on the same page creatively. The planning process is so vital to both of us feeling inspired, I love running through ideas or helping with styling. Feeling comfortable and having good communication creates space for the best images.