Hi, I'm Liz

This is me, the face behind the camera.

I have a baby boy named Dove June, two dogs Karma + Tuesday, a cat named Dräger, and a husband, Brandon (unfortunately I didn't get to name him) .

I'm deeply passionate about Documentary, Editorial, and Film Photography. As well as, red wine, sarcasm, and a good book.

& I Love, Love. I love witnessing two people in love, I love the atmosphere of a group of people who love each other, I love the feeling of nostalgia you get looking back on moments in time that were steeped in love. The beauty of emotions are what fuel me. And that is why I choose to photograph weddings.

I'm the kind of girl that will always tell you if there's something in your teeth, become besties with you in a bar bathroom, and become almost as emotionally attached to your wedding day as you are.